SCALGio™ Wall Kits

Wall Mural Treatment Kits by SCALGio™

The SCALGio™ Artisans make it fun & easy to create a customized wall treatment kit for your walls.

Each SCALGio™ kit comes complete with everything that you need to create the most beautiful SCALGio™ Wall Paper Art Illusion. We will customize SCALGio™ layout and design special for an entire room or wall.

All we need is the room dimensions and we will carefully package and safely ship your SCALGio™ kit anywhere in the world.  All kits are inclusive of ‘special design & layout’  and are priced per square foot. And that is it!  Easy! We ship everything you need right to you. And if you should need any SCALGio™ replacement panels for repair or mistakes you can order by number and have it in a few days.

For a limited time we are offering free shipping with every order!

Each kit comes complete with the following:

  • Diagram to make it easy to place each SCALGio™ Wall Art Panel and to reorder SCALGio™ Wall Art Panels should something ever get damaged.
  • Wall Sealer to insure that the SCALGio™ Wall Art can be removed easily without any wall substrate damage
  • Wall Adhesive to insure that you get proper adhesion to the wall or ceiling.
  • Protectant Wall Covering Solution which is the ULTIMATE SECRET INGREDIENT to insure that you get years of enjoyment with vivid color and clarity of your SCALGio™ Wall Art.
  • Design that will fit the exact layout and dimensions of your room. We can even adjust layout designs and patterns to fit soffits and lighting fixtures that are already in place in the design and layout of existing fixtures. There is no product on the market like SCALGio™ Wall Paper Art or SCALGio™ Wall Art!
  • Diagram with clear and precise labeling with clear instructions. The diagram and panels are each clearly marked by panel number specific to your account and coloring to insure exact replacement of panels at any time in the future.
  • Each SCALGio™ Wall Art Panel is clearly marked with gridlines and placement marks so that each SCALGio™ Wall Art Panel can be properly positioned on your ceiling or wall.
  • SCALGio™ approved and recommended brushes, rollers and pans to insure minimal dust intrusion during each stage of assembly of SCALGio™ Wall Paper Art Panel.
  • SCALGio™ approved and recommended brushes and rollers to insure the proper amount of SCALGio™ solutions is applied to each SCALGio™ Wall Paper Art Panel.

Relax while you work, since you know that replacement panels are easily replaced. SCALGio™ Wall Paper Art Panels are ordered by numbers that are clearly visible both on SCALGio™ wall paper art panel and SCALGio™ wall paper art design sheet that comes with each SCALGio™ Wall Paper ceiling treatment or wall treatment kit.
SCALGio™ is Safe for you and the Environment
SCALGio™ is fire, mildew, mold, bacteria and fungal resistant. The SCALGio™ process meets or exceeds OSHA health and safety guidelines. SCALGio™ is guaranteed not to fade or crack when cared for.
SCALGio™ is GREEN and Planet Friendly -
SCALGio™ Sealers, Adhesives, and Protectant Solutions that are used to create & apply SCALGio™ Art are vegetable-based and water soluble.

We guarantee that you will appreciate and enjoy your SCALGio™ Art for over 15 years or more.