SCALGio™ Samples

SCALGio is designed to enable designers and artists the ability to design without limitation. SCALGio allows illusionary art to be installed in situations that would normally be cost and logistically prohibitive. SCALGio’s color, vibrance and detail is unparalleled in any other wall art treatments or printing techniques. This sample section is designed to let our partners and designer network show the samples as well as submit requests for hard samples. These samples are a great way to display the saturation present in the SCALGio product as well giving a physical sample to demonstrate the resistance of SCALGio to wear in normal usage.

The samples (shown below) illustrate the types of art that express and demonstrate the SCALGio process and technique.

Feel free to submit your designs that will receive artistic credit if you have partnered with SCALGio or simply used the product to preserve or enhance your own art or design. We like to see what the community is doing and appreciate feedback from our avid users and designers!