SCALGio™ Ceiling Art & Frescos

SCALGio™ Illusionary Ceiling
Frescos, Murals

Focusing on Artistic Solutions and Benefits for Ceiling Treatment

Whatever you can envision in your mind, can be created on your Ceiling or Anywhere!

When the SCALGio™ technique is applied, the art looks exactly like a photograph because it is a photograph. The expectation of your eye becomes real and alluring and actually captures your attention in a very subtle manner.

Normally when you paint a ceiling or cover it up, it closes in the room to your senses. But when you use SCALGio™ technique, the room actually will open up and appear to be larger especially when a sky image is applied to your ceiling.

The SCALGio™ technique is new. SCALGio™ is trademarked and a patented printing process that has never been done before.

SCALGio™ is museum quality art. When applied SCALGio™ ceiling art the work becomes an artist installation using the finest high quality commercial grade media.

SCALGio™ is fire, mildew, mold, bacteria and fungal resistant. The SCALGio™ process meets or exceeds OSHA health and safety guidelines. SCALGio™ is guaranteed not to fade or crack when cared for.

SCALGio™ is GREEN and Planet Friendly -

SCALGio™ sealers, adhesives, and protectant proprietary solutions that are used to create & apply SCALGio™ art are vegetable-based and water soluble.

We guarantee that you will appreciate and enjoy your SCALGio™ art for over 15 years or more.